We offer a wide range of financial accounting services, with a comprehensive, industry-focused approach. Our transaction experts are ready to help you maximize your company’s capital, increase its value and create a return for your investors.

Our experienced experts work closely with you and help you through the complex process of an IPO, business spin-off, spin-off, asset write-off financial for the daily operating fund or strategic acquisitions. Here are some solutions:

Complex economic issues and financial market transactions: Offering services around the application and implementation of existing accounting standards and reporting requirements; the creation of financial risk management and hedge accounting methods; the preparation of restated financial statements. Our method offers you insight into the integrity and quality of the organization's financial reporting process; it increases transparency for managers and other decision-makers and helps reduce risks through strengthened controls.
Derivatives and hedging advisory services: Assists companies in managing their risks (interest rates, foreign currency and commodities) We specifically help our clients to achieve greater transparency and less complexity, to improve comply with and respect the requirements related to good governance.
Implementation of the most recent accounting changes: Advises clients on the accounting implications due to changing regulations and the establishment of an effective and appropriate converged solution.
Regulation and Stakeholder Expectations: Helps companies map existing capacity gaps and identify opportunities to strengthen and augment processes and technologies that will drive operational efficiencies. Our proven method helps companies build a sustainable reporting process in a technological way. The benefits of implementing our approaches include reduced costs by using the company's existing technology, resulting in tangible financial benefits and strengthened internal controls.
IPO Preparation: Helps with IPO preparation, assisting in evaluating and establishing the conditions to be listed on the stock exchange and declared as a public company.
Accounting and Reporting for Transactions: Provides accounting services during the merger and acquisition process, assistance with purchase accounting, creation of carve-out financial statements and pro forma preparation of financial statements for derivative transactions.


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