” Mettallion, born in the continent, we engineer your growth in three continents “


At METTALLION, we design your growth.

METTALLION is an Accounting Firm located in Yaoundé, Paris and Seattle. The Firm is managed by a Chartered Accountant and Auditor partner,

The latter is surrounded by a team made up of Chartered Accountants, auditors, lawyers and tax specialists who are available to advise you and help you build and develop your business.


Accounting and tax missions
Legal missions
Consulting and Management Missions
Organizational missions
Funding search missions
Auditor missions
Human resources missions


We engineer your growth
Organization Missions Accounting and tax missions Legal Missions Consulting and Management Mission Funding Search Missions Auditor missions Human Resources Missions

General organization advice:

Assistance in defining general policy;
Organization chart, structure, definition of functions;
Decentralization, implementation, groupings, diversification.

Administrative organization advice:

Recruitment assistance;

Commercial organization advice:

Assistance in defining commercial policy and organization;
Price studies;
Export, trade statistics

In constant contact with the decision-making bodies of your company, it guarantees you a reliable and rapid service as well as permanent advice in the crucial areas of the life of your company. We are directly involved in your success strategy and we are committed to working alongside you to help make your structure a dynamic company adapted to the needs of your customers.
Participation in the preparation of accounts:

Monitoring, bookkeeping;
Control of accounting services;
Implementation and monitoring of analytical operating accounting;
Preparation of periodic statements, balance sheets and income statements;
Preparation of group accounts, consolidation of balance sheets and accounts;
Establishments of the financing table
Assistance from the works council;

Review, certification:

Contractual review of accounts;
Review of internal control procedures;
Review before participation.


Valuation of companies and company securities (in particular with a view to sales, transfers; contributions; inheritance, sharing, donations
or at the request of various organizations);
Management expertise.


Participation in the preparation of tax declarations: Direct taxes, VAT and similar taxes, Real estate taxation, Registration fees and transfer taxes.

Business rights:

Contracts and leases;
Cartel legislation.

Corporate rights:

Choice of corporate form;
Carrying out all operations (capital increase, transfer of shares, merger, transformation, split, dissolution, liquidation);
Company secretariat: Minutes of boards of directors and general meetings and related formalities.

Rights of the sole proprietorship:

Patrimonial right ;
Social security for the company manager;

Fiscal law :

Studies and consultations on tax issues.

General management consulting:

Forward planning ;
Analysis of costs, margins and profitability;
Investment project: cost and profitability;
Dashboards, budgetary control;
Contribution to the protection of company assets;
Management ratios;
Assistance in preventing and dealing with business difficulties.

Financial management advice:

Financial ratios;
Working capital analysis and management techniques;
Credit system, leasing, factoring;
Participation (study, assistance, practical implementation)

Relations with banking and financial organizations:

Financial structure analysis;
Establishment of a cash flow plan;
Construction of medium and long-term financing plans;
Choice of financing methods and establishment of credit files.

Due to the recurrence of requests for assistance entrusted to us, METTALLION has built up a network of relationships with different financial organizations. The trust that has been established between these organizations and our firm guarantees an acceleration of the examination of files and a guarantee of reinforced success.

METTALLION: Creator of confidence

If producing financial information is a necessity for the financial community, the presentation of annual accounts is not an end in itself. Indeed, companies must rather communicate on the quality and sincerity of their financial statements with regard to their shareholders or associates but also banking partners and other third parties. To do this, these companies must rely on the proven experience of an audit team organized within the METTALLION firm. The firm's objective is to establish trust among all stakeholders involved in the production and communication of the financial statements of the audited entity.

METTALLION: Its areas of intervention

The audit covers several areas of intervention which are the legal audit, the audit of contributions and special benefits and other missions defined by law in which the intervention of an auditor is deemed necessary, always with the objective of bringing trust and credibility to your specific operations.

Legal audit of individual and/or consolidated accounts

With many auditing clients, the METTALLION firm has developed high skills within several sectors of activity (IT, telecommunications, mass distribution, finance, etc.). Its clients are private companies but also associations financed by state organizations or recipients of subsidies. Our mission is to strengthen the credibility of the financial statements presented to third parties.

Our risk-based approach leads us to make a critical assessment of all the processes of the information system of your entity and its organization. Our interventions are part of an audit process supervised and structured around an experienced team. This approach has several objectives:

Certification of clear and transparent financial information in your financial statements;
Issuing an opinion on the regularity and fairness of the financial information;
Contribution to improving your organization’s internal control procedures.

Thus the METTALLION firm, through its commitment to creating a value of trust in the financial statements, through its signature, participates in the security of financial information with third parties. Commissioner for special contributions and benefits, other missions. The METTALLION firm regularly intervenes within the framework of one-off missions through restructuring or balance sheet financing projects. Our interventions are very diversified: Assessment of the value of financial securities in the context of a security contribution by capital increase, assessment of the advantages resulting from the issue of shares and/or shares, assessment of the terms of the operations of partial contribution of assets in the context of demerger, merger and also acquisition operations.

Labor law :

Application of labor legislation and regulations;
Consultations on specific labor law issues;
Studies and drafting of employment contracts;
Dismissal issues;
Profit-sharing system (implementation, control);
Employee departure procedure.

Social contributions :

Consultation on issues specific to social security and social security;
Preparation of pay slips;
Preparation of social security contribution declarations;
Assistance with complaints and verifications from social administrations.

Others :

Risk prevention ;
Evaluation of end-of-career compensation;
Implementation of forward-looking management of jobs and skills;
Social report

Would you like to learn more about our services?

METTALLION is a professional consulting firm

With a portfolio of clients operating in various sectors, the METTALLION firm is involved in accounting, auditing and business management in all sectors of activity: Finance, insurance, commerce, industry, liberal professions, associations, construction, etc.

The Chartered Accountant, a multidisciplinary specialist, has extensive skills to follow and advise you throughout the life of your business. Our firm has been recognized for its financial, tax, social, legal, IT and business management expertise. In constant contact with the company’s decision-making bodies, it ensures reliable and rapid service as well as permanent advice in crucial areas of the life of your company. We involve you directly in your success strategy and we are committed to working alongside you to contribute to your customer structure.

We are very attached to the sense of service

Very attached to a sense of service, we are on the ground, close to our customers and always at their disposal, showing great responsiveness to the problems posed to us.

Our main concern is to maintain a personalized relationship with our clients, most of whom are managers and business leaders. Each of our clients has a privileged contact who knows how to make himself available.

We have many satisfied customers.