Taxation METTALLION is change. We offer our clients a wide range of comprehensive integrated tax services, combining insight and innovation, with business and enterprise knowledge, that will help the company take off. METTALLION has a holistic and coordinated approach, which helps resolve the most complex tax issues. The scope of our…
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Financial engineering

Financial engineering METTALLION offers world-class expertise in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, capital raising and legal investigations. Our firm also offers skills suited to a range of diverse situations, including advice and expertise in the area of private partnerships and infrastructure. Trust METTALLION for professional and effective solutions.…
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Accounting We offer a wide range of financial accounting services, with a comprehensive, industry-focused approach. Our transaction experts are ready to help you maximize your company’s capital, increase its value and create a return for your investors. Our experienced experts work closely with you and help you through the complex…
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Advice No matter how complex the questions asked in relation to your business; we have the capabilities and experience necessary to provide you with the answers that will allow you to move forward. METTALLION can help you take decisive action to achieve lasting results. The transformation of activities is an…
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Audit Office

Audit Office If producing financial information is a necessity for the financial community, the presentation of annual accounts is not an end in itself. Indeed, companies should rather communicate the quality and sincerity of their financial statements to their shareholders or associates but also to their banking partners and other…
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AUDIT “METTALLION Audit” professionals carry out independent audits of financial statements and internal controls, in accordance with the latest professional standards and with an emphasis on quality. Audits and reviews are planned to assess and identify possible risks, whether the risk of material misstatement or risk related to internal controls.…
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