We provide an extensive range of financial accounting and reporting services with a comprehensive industry-focused approach. Mettallion transaction specialists stand ready to help your company optimize capital usage, enhance value, and create a return for your investors. Our seasoned professionals will work side-by-side with you and help you navigate through the complicated process of an initial public offering, spinning off a business in a carve-out transaction, leveraging financial assets for daily working capital or strategic acquisitions. Here are a few of our solutions:

  • Complex business issues and capital markets transactions: Provides services around the application and implementation of existing accounting standards and reporting requirements; creation of financial risk management and hedge accounting policies; preparation of restated financial statements. Our methodology provides insights into the integrity and quality of your organization’s financial reporting process, increases transparency to managers and other decision makers, and helps reduce risks through enhanced controls.
  • Derivatives and Hedging advisory services: Assists companies in managing their interest rate, foreign currency and commodity risks. Specifically, we help clients increase transparency, reduce complexity, improve compliance, and meet reporting requirements.
  • Implementing the latest accounting changes: Advises clients on the accounting impacts of shifting regulations and the implementation of an effective and tailored, convergence solution. For example, Revenue recognition.
  • Meeting regulatory and stakeholder expectations: Helps companies address existing capability gaps and identify opportunities to enhance and better leverage processes and technology to drive operational efficiency and effectiveness. We use our proven approach to help companies implement a sustainable, technology-enabled reporting process. Benefits of implementing our approach include a reduction in resource costs using the company’s existing technology, resulting in tangible financial benefits, and enhanced internal controls over the financial reporting process.
  • IPO readiness: Aids businesses with initial public offerings (IPO) readiness by assisting in evaluating and implementing the requirements for going public and reporting as a public company.
  • Accounting and reporting for transactions: Provides accounting services in support of mergers and acquisition activities, assistance with purchase accounting, creation of carve-out financial statements, and preparation of pro forma financial statements for spin-off transactions.

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