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Missions of Statutory Audit

METTALLION: Trusted Partner

 If producing financial information is a necessity for the financial community, the presentation of the annual accounts is not an end in itself. In fact, companies should rather communicate the quality and the sincerity of their financial statements to their shareholders or partners but also banking partners and other third parties.

To do this, these companies must rely on the proven experience of an audit team organized within METTALLION.

The objective of the firm is to establish a trusting value among all stakeholders involved in the production and communication of the audited entity’s financial statements.

METTALLION: His fields of intervention

The audit covers several areas of intervention such as the statutory audit, the commission of contributions and special benefits and other missions defined by the law in which the intervention of an auditor is considered necessary, always with the objective to bring the value of trust and credibility to your specific operations.

  • The statutory audit of the individual and / or consolidated accounts

With ten audit firm clients, the METTALLION firm has developed high skills in several business sectors (IT, telecommunications, retail, finance, ….). Its clients are private companies but also associations funded by state agencies or grant recipients

Our mission is to strengthen the credibility of the financial statements presented to the third party. Our risk approach leads us to critically assess all of your organization’s information system processes and organization. Our interventions are part of an audit approach framed and structured around an experienced team. This approach has several objectives:

  • Certification of clear and transparent financial information of your financial statements;
  • Issuing an opinion on the regularity and fairness of the financial information;
  • Contributing to the improvement of the internal control procedures of your organization.

In this way, the METTALLION firm, through its commitment to create trust in the financial statements through its signature, contributes to the security of financial information to third parties.
Other missions.
The METTALLION Accounting firm regularly intervenes in the context of ad hoc assignments through restructuring projects or corporate finance. Our interventions are very diverse:
Assessment of the value of financial securities in the context of a share transfer by capital increase, appreciation of the benefits arising from the issue of shares and / or shares, assessment of the terms of the partial asset transfer operations as part of a spin-off, a merger but also an acquisition transaction.

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